Monday, September 16, 2013

5+ Fresh jQuery Image Sliders

Have you ever tried jQuery Image Sliders? If you do know nothing about jQuery Image Slider, I am pleased to introduce you information on jQuery Image Slider.

For jQuery, it is another brilliant javascript frame after prototype, and as a lightweight js base, it is compatible with CSS3, and also other browsers as IE6.0+, FF1.5+, Safari2.0+ and Opera9.0+. With jQuery, users can more conveniently handle html documents, events and realization of Flash effect. More importantly, jQuery can more flexible offer AJAX interaction for websites.
And for the jQuery based Image Slider, it absorbs the core concept of “Write less, do more”, the jQuery Image Slider is simple in code, abundant in content.

For jQuery Image Slider there are 5 Fresh jQuery Image Sliders I would prefer to let you know. As a newbie of jQuery Image Slider, you can use the Image Slider as a fantastic slideshow with amazing transition effects or as a plugin to blogs as WordPress.

And the 5 jQuery Image Sliders would be Hi Slider free jQuery Image Sliders, Slidesjs, jCoverflip, slideViewer and jqGalScroll.

1. Hi Slider free jQuery Image Sliders: 

It is a fully customized jQuery Slider Maker in external, functional and transitional settings. The Hi Slider free jQuery Image Sliders will let you publish jQuery Image Sliders in basic version of HTML, WordPress Plug-in, Joomla Module and Drupal Module.

When you got the free jQuery Image Slider of Hi Slider, you can import no matter YouTube, Vimeo or image files into the software for free combination. 
There are different templates and skins in Hi Slider jQuery Image Sliders for different uses of users. Besides, users can customize the appearance and functional buttons of the jQuery Image Sliders under a selected skin of templates. 
For addition, the transition, basic info and action info of each jQuery Image Slider can be separately set! And the basic info includes title and description; transition effect is the turning form of slider; and action info will let you embed javascript, link or popup with light box.

2. Slidesjs: 

It is a dynamic slideshow maker with different transitions effects and it enables you to touch to swipe the pages.

3. jCoverflip: 

It will let you customize the look and feel of your jQuery Slider. Easy to use but the image cannot be zoomed in for clearly viewing.

4. SlideViewer: 

It is a lightweight jQuery plugin maker that need you have some ability in coding.

5. jqGalScroll: 

It creates a smooth scrolling photo gallery for you to use.

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Free Download for Hi Slider jQuery Image Slider.