Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Create an Appealing Online Slideshow out of PowerPoint with Focusky Online System

Most of you, I believe, must be an expert in creating PowerPoint presentations. Since its launch in the early 1980s, Microsoft’s PowerPoint has been a popular leading brand of slideshow makers. It is widely used by individuals of almost every age group, as well as organizations. But it does have some drawbacks that users cannot ignore. For example, it severely restricts you to organize messages in linear slides, so it’s hard to make clear a connection between slides. Plus, slide after slide of static tends to turn audience off and induce them to doze off.

Want to try a PowerPoint alternative which is non-linear? But hope not to take the trouble to learn new software and pay for it? Then try Focusky! It is a free online slideshow maker, which serves to turn a linear slideshow directly into an attractive non-linear one, saving your trouble to buy and learn a brand new presentation tool. In this post, I will show you how to transform PPT files into Focusky slideshows in Focusky Online System.

Step1. Sign in – enter your account and password on the navigation menu of Focusky website (

Step2. Import PPT
a.       Click “Quick Upload”, and choose a folder in which you want to place your output presentation;
b.       There are three ways to import your PowerPoint file --- clicking “Browse” to choose a PowerPoint file (.ppt and .pptx) from the local computer; simply drag and drop your PPT file; or pick a file from Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

Step3. Customize slideshow – set the slideshow information and design its layout
a.         Enter concrete title, description and keywords to make your output slideshow more SEO-friendly;
b.         Select your slideshow’s layout and template from the list.

Step4. Publish online slideshow – click “Create” to publish the slideshow to Focusky Cloud Hosting Sever.

Step5. Share slideshow
a.         Share your online slideshow via social media like Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter;
b.         Send the slideshow directly to friends and colleagues by email;

c.         Embed the slideshow to your website by pasting the embed code.