Thursday, December 25, 2014

How to create a striking digital brochure without costly page flip software

From a marketing perspective, it is wise to spend the least money doing most things. The online creator for digital brochures can help you promote your business. And everyone desires to create a striking digital brochure without costly page flip software. Therefore, is there such digital brochures maker?

PUB HTML5 is one of the free flip book makers that enable you to convert PDF into striking digital brochures. It is easy to create a stylish digital brochure for online marketing. Just a few minutes, you can own your wonderful e-brochures with the amazing page flip effect. There is no need to download the software. Let me show you how to online transform pdf into striking digital brochure.

create a striking digital brochure

Firstly, sign in the cloud publishing platform. Don’t worry; it is no need to pay for login. Just with your gmail address, you can have an account in this website. This digital brochures maker empowers you to upload PDF and manage the flipping book in this powerful cloud platform.

Then quick upload your PDF. During this process, you can enter the book information and modify your book with the existing template and theme. Moreover, there are more advanced settings waiting for you. If you like, you can change the background to your favorite. Besides, the toolbar settings give you the options to share, zoom, search, print and add bookmark, insert background music and so on. In order to boost your brand, you can add logo, hyperlinks and your company information to page flip brochures. Perhaps a video will be better if it contains your products introduction.

create a striking digital brochure

After the conversion, the digital brochures maker provides two choices for you to broadcast your products without any cost. Choose embed this striking digital brochure into website or embed a bookcase with all your brochures into your website. With PUB HTML5, you can create a beautiful brochure simply and costless in minutes. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

How to create E-magazine with turning pages created from a pdf

With the development of each supporting technologies, E-magazine has gradually admitted by the public as a fashion. As a result, the digital E-magazine shows a trend of growth. How can the publisher grasp this opportunity to improve themselves by creating distinctive E-magazines with turning pages? It is exactly what I am going to say.

As for the common people, it is not a challenge to create E-magazine. But it is a problem for them to create an impressive E-magazine which impressed the reader in the first sight. PUB HTML5 is such a software that enables you to create impressive and easy to create E-magazine with turning pages. Just upload your PDF, and then you can briefly wait for the automatic conversion. After that, you are succeeding in creating your E-magazine.

Oh, if you think that is too simple. You can diversify your E-magazine. You are allowed to change the template and scenes. And you can insert the multimedia to enrich your E-magazine. Or add some images to enhance the expressive force. You know, nowadays, the readers prefer those interesting and dynamic. If you are still concerted on creating flat and monotonous E-magazine, they will be tired of and abandon your E-magazine. So, in order to increase your competitiveness, PUB HTML5 is necessary.

PDF to Flash Magazine: also can convert a PDF into a stylish and interactive flip E-magazine. It offers you an easy way to create Flash Magazine. Have a try; you will totally understand what I said.  

Create your own flipbook thanks to PUB HTML5 Digital Publishing tools

Are you still in puzzle about the way to create your own flipbook? Have you ever envied of others beautiful flipbook? You are not interested in the mature and handy tools to create unique flipbook, aren’t you? If you actually desire to know and learn these tools, I will show you in details. 

Do you know PUB HTML5 ? With PUB HTML5, you would not worry about the complicate codes and complex operations. It is easy to use even if you know little about programming. There are clear directions to show what you are going to do in the next step. Also, it is extremely convenient to share your flipbook with others because PUB HTML5 offers a platform for publishing. In spite of your contents, PUB HTML5 provides you many useful tools to modify your own flipbook. For example, if you are not satisfied with the template provided, you can import your own.

Thanks to PUB HTML5 Digital Publishingtools, we can create a flipbook easily. Although these tools look common, they can achieve the effect you want. For instance, if you want to add pieces of music to build a warm atmosphere, you can just click the button “Edit Pages” and use the tools to add music. And if you want to email to others, you just need to click the button “Publish to Local”. And then click “Email to” to fill the recipient and subject. All the process is without codes. Therefore, it is great software with powerful potential.

All in all, PUB HTML5 Digital Publishing tools will benefit you a lot in creating excellent flipbook. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. Don’t hesitate; maybe this choice will change your life. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Create Fashionable html5 Digital Magazine

Everyone has a dream. What’s your dream? What about the dream of owning a fashionable and popular html5 digital magazine? Maybe this dream was difficult to accomplish in the old days. But now, nothing is simpler than it. It is no more a dream but a trend. Everyone can create fashionable html5 digital magazines in person.

PUB HTML5  is what you need. It is a popular digital magazine maker. Most famous brands choose to use it to publish their e-magazines. It provides you multiple options. And even if you have no basic concepts about it, you can also create fashionable html5 Digital Magazine in the reason that there are clear directions and easy understanding procedures in the software. Or there is videos help you to familiar with the steps.

Firstly, of course, import your files. It can be PDF documents, Office documents, TXT file and image files. Then you can do many things. You can have your custom settings for the details, such as the book logo and book title. Or you can click the “Edit pages” button to insert links, videos, music and button. Remember to apply the change. After that, you can publish it to local or upload online. Thus, the fashionable digital magazines are created. The most important part is the custom setting and page editing. If you are good at arranging it, you can make a very appealing e-magazine.

Besides, there are other softwares that can help you create such digital magazines. Boxoft PDF to Flipbook Pro: and PDF to Flash Magazine Pro: are pretty good choices for you to create individual and interesting digital magazines. The steps are as simple and practical as PUB HTML5.

2 Ways to Create HTML5 Digital Magazine - page flipping software

So far, digital magazines have gained the support and acknowledge from the audience. And most of the publishers pay more attention to the digital versions of their magazines. It is an unknown and inestimable market. So there comes a question: how to reinforce the competitiveness in such changeable society by creating page flipping html5 digital magazines?

For this question, 2 ways are put forward in the following. One page flipping software is PUB HTML5 .This software can help you create HTML5 Digital Magazine.Besides, it can engage publishers to reach more readers who love to carry iPad, iPhone or Android devices. Also, it has a very special setting that fits the fashion. It is comfortable with touching and flipping. Just a sweeping, you can turn to next page.

PUB HTML5 also supports you the fully customize settings. When you enter the designing interface, you can keep beautifying your output magazines by selecting your fond template and scene. Also you can arrange every detail of your magazines, such as the tool bar color, font and font color. If you want to make dynamic magazines, you can add the function button you need and set the action.

The other software is Flip PDF for Windows from . It is an easy page flipping software and digital publishing software that allows you to create impressive html5 digital magazines. If you have a PDF, you can convert it into digital magazines in seconds with the help of Flip PDF for Windows. All in all, it is also outstanding software to create what you want.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Create interactive online magazine from PDF in three steps

Flipbuilder is a fool proof digital book making and publishing program that allows everyone to make mesmerizing online e-magazine with their own talents. We always believe that if a program cannot be widely used, it won’t be good and widely appreciated. No matter what your professions are, whether you’re publishers, advertisers, marketers, students, flipbuilder enables perfect page turn e-book making in simply three steps: create, customize, and publish. Flipbuilder has various pre-built templates andcustomizing tools so you don't worry that you are not computer illiterate. All the process will be finished though mouse clicking and your book will be created automatically. When your online published your e-magazine, social media integration can be easily realized and people worldwide can easily appreciate your talented work.

First drag and drop your PDF into flipbuilder opened and an e-book project with page turn animation will be created automatically. Then there comes to the talent show. You may design the best outfit for your e-magazine choosing from various templates provided. There would always be a best template that best matches the contents of your book. Besides, flipbuilder allows everyone to enhance the interactivity of their e-magazine by embedding various kinds of rich media such as YouTube, music, link, shopping cart, price tag, etc. Study shows e-publications with dynamic content can more easily impress readers and achieve more reader engagements. When customizing process is done, you’ll go publishing. Online publishing can be easily realized though our cloud hosting service. Flipbuilder also supports online publishing on mobile platforms, allowing your magazine to be appreciated by readers globally.

 By matt xiah.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why a digital company brochure with video is essential for your online marketing.

Company e-brochure with realistic page turn animation is quite impressive, but sometimes that’s simply not enough. If you want to make your e-company brochure more distinctive and more efficiently delivers your company information, adding a tutorial video is quite necessary. Video items, which are generally dynamic contents, enhance the interactivity of your e-brochure. Compared with static items, dynamic video more easily engages the eyeball of clients. Lots of marketers use e-brochure as marketing tool, ascompletely new marketing channel, as they call it. Embedding tutorial video on your e-brochure exactly improves its advertising efficiency. The reason is simple People prefer items that contain intuitive and inspiring information, and no items can ever be more intuitive and inspiring than videos. Thanks to the advancement of technology, a lot of digital publishing software allows users to customize their own inspiring tutorial video.
Some notions should bear in mind when making a company tutorial video on e-brochure. If you plan to make a tutorial video, ensure to make it professional. Never make it a poor one. A poor made video does not earn credits to your company and products, but leaves bad impression to your clients. So work with professional video crew and make the best and most inspiring one. Second, from aesthetic aspect, embed your video in the right place of your e-brochure. Your video should be well integrated with the contents of your e-brochure without leaving the impression that the contentof your e-brochure is interrupted by extra items.

By Matt xiah

Friday, June 20, 2014

PDF page turning software - bring your PDF eBook & magazine to the next level.

Conventionally people make PDF magazines or PDF brochures to advertise their product information to their clients. But they’ve long realized the disadvantages: PDF publications have limited efficiency of bringing client engagements. The reason is simple: people cannot possibly reach the content of your PDFs before having them downloaded. Second, people can easily get tired of dull pages so PDF files cannot exactly deliver your product information as predicted. To make their PDFs more readable, some business marketers chose to print their PDF into paper magazines or catalogs, but that definitely needs a large sum of extra marketing budged and sometimes paper magazines and catalogs are not that easy to be distributed. The embarrassing situation forces us to find another efficient yet cost saving marketing method.
Thanks to the advancement of technology, we now can make digital publications with vivid page turn effect possible! Flipbuiler is a professional digital publishing program that brings life to your originally static PDF files. People now can easily access to realistic page turn e-books directly on PC or on their mobile devices.

Realistic page turn e-publications are expected to be greatly appreciated among publics not only because they are nearly cost-free, but because of their huge interactivity that PDF files and paper publications can barley compete. Flipbuilders makes e-publications of various outputting formats, such as flash, HTML, zip, exe, and mobile version (HTML5), enabling your publication to be reached on all kinds of electronic platforms. It’s been studied that a large part of globe population now are holding certain electronic devices, so we may see tremendous commercial opportunities when we go digital publishing with professional publishing program.