Monday, August 25, 2014

How to create E-magazine with turning pages created from a pdf

With the development of each supporting technologies, E-magazine has gradually admitted by the public as a fashion. As a result, the digital E-magazine shows a trend of growth. How can the publisher grasp this opportunity to improve themselves by creating distinctive E-magazines with turning pages? It is exactly what I am going to say.

As for the common people, it is not a challenge to create E-magazine. But it is a problem for them to create an impressive E-magazine which impressed the reader in the first sight. PUB HTML5 is such a software that enables you to create impressive and easy to create E-magazine with turning pages. Just upload your PDF, and then you can briefly wait for the automatic conversion. After that, you are succeeding in creating your E-magazine.

Oh, if you think that is too simple. You can diversify your E-magazine. You are allowed to change the template and scenes. And you can insert the multimedia to enrich your E-magazine. Or add some images to enhance the expressive force. You know, nowadays, the readers prefer those interesting and dynamic. If you are still concerted on creating flat and monotonous E-magazine, they will be tired of and abandon your E-magazine. So, in order to increase your competitiveness, PUB HTML5 is necessary.

PDF to Flash Magazine: also can convert a PDF into a stylish and interactive flip E-magazine. It offers you an easy way to create Flash Magazine. Have a try; you will totally understand what I said.  

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