Friday, August 22, 2014

2 Ways to Create HTML5 Digital Magazine - page flipping software

So far, digital magazines have gained the support and acknowledge from the audience. And most of the publishers pay more attention to the digital versions of their magazines. It is an unknown and inestimable market. So there comes a question: how to reinforce the competitiveness in such changeable society by creating page flipping html5 digital magazines?

For this question, 2 ways are put forward in the following. One page flipping software is PUB HTML5 .This software can help you create HTML5 Digital Magazine.Besides, it can engage publishers to reach more readers who love to carry iPad, iPhone or Android devices. Also, it has a very special setting that fits the fashion. It is comfortable with touching and flipping. Just a sweeping, you can turn to next page.

PUB HTML5 also supports you the fully customize settings. When you enter the designing interface, you can keep beautifying your output magazines by selecting your fond template and scene. Also you can arrange every detail of your magazines, such as the tool bar color, font and font color. If you want to make dynamic magazines, you can add the function button you need and set the action.

The other software is Flip PDF for Windows from . It is an easy page flipping software and digital publishing software that allows you to create impressive html5 digital magazines. If you have a PDF, you can convert it into digital magazines in seconds with the help of Flip PDF for Windows. All in all, it is also outstanding software to create what you want.

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