Friday, June 27, 2014

Create interactive online magazine from PDF in three steps

Flipbuilder is a fool proof digital book making and publishing program that allows everyone to make mesmerizing online e-magazine with their own talents. We always believe that if a program cannot be widely used, it won’t be good and widely appreciated. No matter what your professions are, whether you’re publishers, advertisers, marketers, students, flipbuilder enables perfect page turn e-book making in simply three steps: create, customize, and publish. Flipbuilder has various pre-built templates andcustomizing tools so you don't worry that you are not computer illiterate. All the process will be finished though mouse clicking and your book will be created automatically. When your online published your e-magazine, social media integration can be easily realized and people worldwide can easily appreciate your talented work.

First drag and drop your PDF into flipbuilder opened and an e-book project with page turn animation will be created automatically. Then there comes to the talent show. You may design the best outfit for your e-magazine choosing from various templates provided. There would always be a best template that best matches the contents of your book. Besides, flipbuilder allows everyone to enhance the interactivity of their e-magazine by embedding various kinds of rich media such as YouTube, music, link, shopping cart, price tag, etc. Study shows e-publications with dynamic content can more easily impress readers and achieve more reader engagements. When customizing process is done, you’ll go publishing. Online publishing can be easily realized though our cloud hosting service. Flipbuilder also supports online publishing on mobile platforms, allowing your magazine to be appreciated by readers globally.

 By matt xiah.

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