Friday, June 20, 2014

PDF page turning software - bring your PDF eBook & magazine to the next level.

Conventionally people make PDF magazines or PDF brochures to advertise their product information to their clients. But they’ve long realized the disadvantages: PDF publications have limited efficiency of bringing client engagements. The reason is simple: people cannot possibly reach the content of your PDFs before having them downloaded. Second, people can easily get tired of dull pages so PDF files cannot exactly deliver your product information as predicted. To make their PDFs more readable, some business marketers chose to print their PDF into paper magazines or catalogs, but that definitely needs a large sum of extra marketing budged and sometimes paper magazines and catalogs are not that easy to be distributed. The embarrassing situation forces us to find another efficient yet cost saving marketing method.
Thanks to the advancement of technology, we now can make digital publications with vivid page turn effect possible! Flipbuiler is a professional digital publishing program that brings life to your originally static PDF files. People now can easily access to realistic page turn e-books directly on PC or on their mobile devices.

Realistic page turn e-publications are expected to be greatly appreciated among publics not only because they are nearly cost-free, but because of their huge interactivity that PDF files and paper publications can barley compete. Flipbuilders makes e-publications of various outputting formats, such as flash, HTML, zip, exe, and mobile version (HTML5), enabling your publication to be reached on all kinds of electronic platforms. It’s been studied that a large part of globe population now are holding certain electronic devices, so we may see tremendous commercial opportunities when we go digital publishing with professional publishing program. 

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