Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why a digital company brochure with video is essential for your online marketing.

Company e-brochure with realistic page turn animation is quite impressive, but sometimes that’s simply not enough. If you want to make your e-company brochure more distinctive and more efficiently delivers your company information, adding a tutorial video is quite necessary. Video items, which are generally dynamic contents, enhance the interactivity of your e-brochure. Compared with static items, dynamic video more easily engages the eyeball of clients. Lots of marketers use e-brochure as marketing tool, ascompletely new marketing channel, as they call it. Embedding tutorial video on your e-brochure exactly improves its advertising efficiency. The reason is simple People prefer items that contain intuitive and inspiring information, and no items can ever be more intuitive and inspiring than videos. Thanks to the advancement of technology, a lot of digital publishing software allows users to customize their own inspiring tutorial video.
Some notions should bear in mind when making a company tutorial video on e-brochure. If you plan to make a tutorial video, ensure to make it professional. Never make it a poor one. A poor made video does not earn credits to your company and products, but leaves bad impression to your clients. So work with professional video crew and make the best and most inspiring one. Second, from aesthetic aspect, embed your video in the right place of your e-brochure. Your video should be well integrated with the contents of your e-brochure without leaving the impression that the contentof your e-brochure is interrupted by extra items.

By Matt xiah

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