Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Create Fashionable html5 Digital Magazine

Everyone has a dream. What’s your dream? What about the dream of owning a fashionable and popular html5 digital magazine? Maybe this dream was difficult to accomplish in the old days. But now, nothing is simpler than it. It is no more a dream but a trend. Everyone can create fashionable html5 digital magazines in person.

PUB HTML5  is what you need. It is a popular digital magazine maker. Most famous brands choose to use it to publish their e-magazines. It provides you multiple options. And even if you have no basic concepts about it, you can also create fashionable html5 Digital Magazine in the reason that there are clear directions and easy understanding procedures in the software. Or there is videos help you to familiar with the steps.

Firstly, of course, import your files. It can be PDF documents, Office documents, TXT file and image files. Then you can do many things. You can have your custom settings for the details, such as the book logo and book title. Or you can click the “Edit pages” button to insert links, videos, music and button. Remember to apply the change. After that, you can publish it to local or upload online. Thus, the fashionable digital magazines are created. The most important part is the custom setting and page editing. If you are good at arranging it, you can make a very appealing e-magazine.

Besides, there are other softwares that can help you create such digital magazines. Boxoft PDF to Flipbook Pro: and PDF to Flash Magazine Pro: are pretty good choices for you to create individual and interesting digital magazines. The steps are as simple and practical as PUB HTML5.

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