Monday, April 6, 2015

How to Make a Digital Book with Page Flipping Effects

In this digital world, digital books are becoming more and more popular with people. Compared with printed books, they are cheaper, much easier to carry and keep. But e-books in PDF format, for example, are static, which fails to give readers realistic reading experience as printed books. That is why some people don’t like to read e-books but printed version. This is just what the old saying goes: You can't have your cake and eat it too. Good news to you! There does have an exception! Thanks to flip book maker Flip HTML5, you can enjoy the advantages of e-books and realistic reading experience as well.

Flip HTML5 is a brilliant digital flipbook maker, which can create attractive e-books with page-turning effects. Besides PDF to flipbook conversion, Flip HTML5 also supports flipbook conversion out of MS Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel), Open Office and images. At a few clicks, you can generate an inspiring professional flipping book with ease. No coding and design skills needed!

Below is the step-by-step instruction about how to make a digital book with page flipping effects.

Step1. Login your account and import a PDF file from your local computer.

Step2. Customize the look and feel of your flipbook
You can choose a template, change background image, add bookmarks or a table of contents, and add functional buttons, etc. To make your digital flipping book more realistic, you also can add page flip sound, set shadow width and alpha for both spread pages, or add a hard cover for your digital book.

Step3. Publish your flipbook to local computer for offline reading; or upload it to Flip HTML5 online server for online reading;

Step4. Share the online publication via social media and email; or insert it to a website by using the embed code.

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