Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flip Html5-a Flipping Book Editor with Adding Image

Flip Html5 not only a Simple PDF to Flip Page Book Converter, but also a Flipping Book Editor with Adding Image, etc

Can you guarantee that every PDF files you have can be directly converted into an attractive flipping book? No! Because different people are having different demands when making a vivid flipping book. Well, as far as I know, if the PDF with much Image that means people will be more willing to read the book. However, you can not that easily to revise the PDF files. So with a Flip Html5 with multiple page edit features will be your helper.
When talking about the way of adding Image to PDF to page flip book in Flip Html5, you should know there are two ways:
1. adding  a background Image to flipping book, under the custom setting panel;
2. adding different Image shows in Edit page interface.
And the first way is the common way for all free and charged users, well, the second way is a specialized customized settings for upper level users of Flip Html5.
You can follow the YouTube video or go to the QA page of Flip Html5 to get the details.