Monday, November 18, 2013

Embed Videos to Flipping Page Books by FlipBook Creator Professional

The as one of the most famous flipping book maker comapany has its main products of FlipBook Creator and FlipBook Creator Pro.
The differences between FlipBook Creator and FlipBook Creator Pro are the assistant and Edit page feature.
When people want to enrich their original PDF, the FlipBook Creator Pro will go as the first choice for the abundant features.

For example, when you are selling products, you may need a shopping brochure, well, the flipbook online would be a very useful presentation to all users and customers. If you have a prepared videos no matter it is online or in your PC, you can flexible embed the video to your flipping presentation.

To add video to flipping page books, you need FlipBook Creator,it will provide you the useful Edit Page feature for you to choose position on any page of th whole presentation.

And for which we are surprising there are different types of video players for you to pick as well.

Add Videos from PC:

Add videos from YouTube or Vimeo:
However, in the FlipBook Creator Pro, no only Videos can be added, Text, Image, Sound, Links, Flash are also available in Edit Page for you to apply in your flipping page book as you wish.

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